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Pain Management in Older Adults: New Resources from

Pain is a common health issue for older people. Conditions such as arthritis, shingles, bone and joint disorders, and cancer, which often occur more frequently in older adults, are one reason safe and effective pain management is such an important part of high quality care for seniors. If you have persistent (continuing) pain, it can be hard to do the things you like to do, especially if your pain is not properly managed. Good pain management can also keep you healthier by enabling you to stay active, to eat and sleep better, and to enjoy a more active social life.

There are many ways to relieve pain. In addition to medication, other approaches, such as gentle exercise, relaxation techniques, hot or cold compresses, massage, and liniments, can help with pain relief. To help older adults and their caregivers understand safe approaches to pain management, has just released a series of new patient and caregiver materials:

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October 29, 2013