Silverstein Award

The Jeffrey H. Silverstein Memorial Award for Emerging Investigators in the Surgical and Related Medical Specialties that are Focused on the Care of Older Adults was established in 2017.  This award recognizes emerging investigators in the surgical and related medical specialties whose research—as evidenced by a submitted abstract—is focused on geriatrics aspects of their specialty and who are committed to a career in aging research.

The first Silverstein Memorial Award was presented at the 2017 AGS Annual Scientific Meeting.

2017 Recipient – Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS
Dr. Suskind is an Assistant Professor of Urology at UCSF acknowledged for fusing her specialist expertise in urology with high-quality, person-centered principles of geriatrics.  Dr. Suskind presented on results from a study of more than 37,000 nursing home residents who underwent minor urologic surgery. Her work highlights the importance of weighing risks and benefits for any type of surgery, no matter how small, for older adults.


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