Why Support the Foundation

What We Do

We provide expert, reliable health information to older adults and their caregivers.  In 2014, we supported 500,000 individuals with public education resources through HealthinAging.org.

We nurture current and future geriatrics leaders by supporting opportunities to attend educational events and increase exposure to principles on caring for older adults.

Who We Help

  • There are more than 40 million older adults living in the US today, and they are supported by some 46 million family caregivers.
  • More than 45 million people aged 50 and older use the Internet to learn about health.  Yet not all web sources offer trustworthy information unique to older adults.

Why We do It

We provide expert information to the public about the unique healthcare needs of older adults to support informed healthcare decision making.  This is one reason we are committed to maintaining HealthinAging.org as a free resource for all.

 “After spending some time on HealthinAging.org, I could not believe the amount of information contained on it.  They have made a tremendous effort to distill technical and scientific information into a format and language that is easier to comprehend for most of us.”
Amanda C., caregiver from San Diego

We also believe that providing a healthcare workforce prepared to meet the needs of older adults and their caregivers is critical.  This is why we are committed to supporting health professional trainees who want to enhance their geriatrics knowledge and expertise.

“As a medical student, I attended my first AGS Meeting in 2009 and never looked back.  I went to every presentation that I could.  I learned about policy issues and evidence-based updates in clinical practice.  It was an eye-opening experience.”