What We Do

The Health in Aging Foundation brings the discoveries and expertise of the geriatrics field to the public by providing information to older people and their caregivers.  We provide resources to help them make informed decisions about their care and have the highest level of health, wellness, and confidence as they age.

We aim to do this in the following ways:

Educate the Public

We know that prepared with the right information, caregivers and older adults can make a difference in the care older adults receive.  We are helping people across America through our outreach efforts, media campaigns and partnerships.  We help older adults and their caregivers know what questions to ask their healthcare providers and we translate the latest aging-related research into lay language, provide tip sheets on a wide range of health topics and produce how-to videos.

Support Research

Our health information is timely and updated due to the work of researchers who devote themselves to improving the way we care for older adults.  They develop innovative models of care and perform research to find better ways to care for older adults.

Through grants from private foundations, we support these researchers and their efforts to improve care for older adults.   And, to encourage growth in the number of geriatric professionals serving our increasing number of older adults, we also provide support to younger investigators with an interest in geriatrics research, to attend the American Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting to present their work and learn from more senior researchers in the field.