Support Research

The Health in Aging Foundation support researchers and scholars in the field of geriatrics through the following programs.

T. Franklin Williams/GEMSSTAR Research Scholars Award

This award is given to an academic geriatrician who is conducting research on older patients that has applicability to the care provided by sub-specialists of internal medicine. It is a companion grant program to the National Institute on Aging RO3 award Grants for Early Medical/Surgical Subspecialists’ Transition to Aging Research (GEMSSTAR) Program.

Student Researcher Fund

The Student Researcher Fund supports trainees in the healthcare fields who are invited to attend the American Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting and present their geriatrics research at a special poster session.   These students are studying in the fields of medicine, nursing, social work, pharmacy, among others.

Hartford Geriatrics Health Outcomes Research Scholars Awards Program
(closed program)

The Outcomes award program supported physician-scientists committed to improving the health care of older adults during the critical transition from junior faculty to independent researcher.  The Outcomes program ceased funding after the 2009 award cycle, however the work of these scholars continue as they provide valuable contributions to the field of geriatrics.